Thanks for using Senger’s Gas Company as your propane company.  Here are a few guidelines to follow when you have your “Underground Propane” tank buried.

When deciding where the tank will be buried please refrain from choosing a low-lying area.  If in doubt please do not hesitate to ask for our personal opinion.  Also please keep in mind that the tank needs to be at lease 10 foot away from the house – we prefer if at all possible not to park our delivery truck on your concrete garage apron.  Our propane delivery trucks are equipped with 100 foot of hose.

For a 500 – gallon tank you will need 4-5 tons of “Grade A” sand and for a 1000 – gallon tank you will need 8-10 ton of “Grade A” sand – which can be bought/found at The Alton Sand Plant.  They refer to this sand as 801B-FA1.

When digging the hole for a 500 gallon propane tank, the hole needs to be :

59″ DEEP      52″ WIDE     11′ FT LONG

When digging the hole for a 1000 gallon propane tank, the hole needs to be:

70″ DEEP     52″ WIDE     16 1/2 FT LONG

With these measurements this is allowing for 6″ of sand around the tank, with 6″ of sand on the bottom and then the rest on top of the tank.  Make sure you have 4-6″ of dirt on top of the tank for grass to grow.  Mound the dirt up around the tank and the tank dome because the dirt will settle.  The tank dome should be anywhere from 8-12″ out of the ground for the regulator to be above ground level.  When tank burial has been completed call Senger’s Gas to have the tank filled due to heavy rains have been known to cause a few tanks to pop out of the ground.  The propane tank should also be kept full in the springtime for at least the next couple of years…..


Edwardsville Market Basket (618)-656-9055

Godfrey Market Basket (618)-466-7800

Clay East – Godfrey (618)-466-3551

The use of an anode bag on a underground propane tanks may be required if soil conditions are not correct.  There is an additional charge for this- Please call the office for a price quote.

If you have any questions or doubts please do not hesitate to call us.  We are as close as a phone call away.

We thank you for your business,

The Senger Gas Team