Several dangers surrounding the fuel use also exist. Consisting of more than 25 times the energy of natural gas, propane can cause severe damage in the case of a ruptured tank. Such occurrences can be deadly, resulting in massive destruction and whole property loss. Gas leaks can also create explosions or fires. The energy source can also produce carbon monoxide, a toxic gas that is listed as one of the most common causes of air poisoning across the globe.

Safety precautions can be met in order to prevent LP damage from occurring. Oderants are often added to the gas in order to detect leaks. Care should be used when mowing or moving objects around tanks to avoid jostling or possibly rupturing them. Tanks should never be stored indoors, and always kept upright. Tanks should never be cut in half or thrown away in a dumpster; instead, they should be properly disposed of by contacting the gas company.