Propane is the clean energy choice for your project – whether you’re a builder, home remodeler, architect  or weekend warrior. From energy efficient on-demand hot water heaters to generators for back up electricity, propane is a clean, safe and reliable source for energy.

Did you know that…?

Studies reveal that propane is a great option for avoiding production of greenhouse gases in almost any application. Propane only gives off half as much greenhouse gas emissions as using an equivalent amount of electricity generated from the U.S. grid. Propane is one of the “greenest” energy sources available.

Changing from an electric water heater to a tankless propane water heater can save you up to 30%. Switching from electric storage water heat to an on-demand system can have the same impact in two years on greenhouse emissions as switching from a mid-size sedan to a hybrid vehicle for a year.

When using a propane dryer, your clothes will be ready faster. Propane dryers will dry a load of laundry faster than an electric dryer.  Also, propane dryers produce a moist heat, reducing wrinkles and static cling.  Your clothes are ready to wear right out of the dryer.

And, did you know that…?

There are resources available for builders, home remodelers, HVAC contractors and other professionals through the propane industry.  The Propane Planner can be a great place to start for anyone getting ready to start any project using propane as a source of energy.

You can earn rebates by choosing propane for your energy efficient remodel project, find out how at

And, if you have ever wondered…?

What is better to use, propane or electricity?

Check out this energy calculator.

This calculator will help you make the right choice for clean and green energy.

What appliances are available to use with propane? From cooking to water heat, propane is an exceptional energy source to use.  This Product and Appliance Tool can help you make the right choice for appliances.

Where can I set a tank?  What sizes are available?  Where can I put a tank on my property?

There are multiple sizes and styles of propane tanks available for residential, commercial and agricultural use.  Tanks are available for above and underground service.  Senger Gas Company can help you make the right decision on which tank is best for your application.

Placing a propane tank requires meeting certain setbacks requirements.  Senger Gas provides a no charge site evaluation for any customer who is considering installing propane service.  We provide assistance on selecting the best location for the tank along with planning any other portion of your project, from appliances to plumbing.  We will help set your project up for success. Click here to find out about basic setbacks for a propane system.

Learn about the latest appliances and proper installation.  The propane industry has multiple training tools available for builders and installers.  It provides education on different facets of the propane industry.  There are many courses available through the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), free of charge. Check out what is available through the PERC site (registration required for courses).