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Money Saving

Did you know that we fill BBQ grill cylinders, at the everyday price of $ 13.85.  That price includes tax.  Come see us today!

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Propane Safety Information

Regardless of the type of energy you use, safety is extremely important. With propane—as with electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, gasoline, or any other energy form—you need to understand how your delivery system and appliances work, and what to do in case of a leak or other safety related emergency. WHAT IS PROPANE? HOW DOES [...]

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Propane Dangers

Several dangers surrounding the fuel use also exist. Consisting of more than 25 times the energy of natural gas, propane can cause severe damage in the case of a ruptured tank. Such occurrences can be deadly, resulting in massive destruction and whole property loss. Gas leaks can also create explosions or fires. The energy source [...]

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